3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Expo

23rd - 24th October 2024 | Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow


The 3D Printing & Composites Expo, being held at the SEC Glasgow on the 23rd - 24th October 2024, will highlight the latest developments in this fast changing technological area, which was only invented in the 1980s but has the potential to revolutionise the manufacturing industry.

3D Printing is a manufacturing process in which materials are laid down, layer by layer, to create a three-dimensional object. 3D Printing permits physical objects to be produced from digital files containing three-dimensional data. This data can be produced in a number of ways such as by computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs and by 3D scanners.

3D Printing offers many advantages such as allowing designers to rapidly transform concepts into 3D models or prototypes. It facilitates fast design changes, allowing manufacturers to make different products on demand in small batches. Other benefits include savings in raw materials, improved inventory and reduced storage space.

Major advances in the Composite materials that can now be used by 3D Printers are improving the functionality of the 3 dimensional objects produced by improving properties such as strength, stiffness, durability and heat resistance.

3D Printing is becoming faster, more flexible, more efficient, and its range of applications is also expanding. For example, 3D printed homes have been produced at Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and alternative ‘meat’ products have been created using plant-based proteins using 3D printing methods.

Part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition, which is being held at the SEC Glasgow on the 23rd - 24th October 2024,The 3D Printing & Composites Expo will provide practical advice to visitors on how to harness this technology to improve their own business performance.